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From migrant worker to Leader and Mentor of BPAFN. You would never know she is quite a fighter. She appears shy and timid but her love and passion for life comes from a life of hard work and challenging situations. As a graduate of Donna High School Zynthia was the recipient of two scholarships that would help shape her future –
2001 Recipient of Migrant Program Scholarship.
2001 Recipient of Border Patrols Head of the Class.
Today you can find her teaching the Health Science Medical Class at the same high school. “It was important to return so I could inspire the students to reach for their dreams.”
She is the proud wife of a Border Patrol Agent and mother of two miracle boys. As a native of the Rio Grande Valley she is always eager to welcome our Border Patrol families and introduce them to the beauty of her community.
She is a great person to work with. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her leadership skills something we are all thankful for.

When asked why she joined the BPAFN, she shared that what motivates her about being a BPAFN leader is seeing the growth BPAFN has achieved through social media. “It is awesome for people to see what BPAFN does nationwide.”

She added that a few months ago, what motivated her the most was to get together with other BP wives and help our own BP families. She would organize events to create an atmosphere of bonding and laughing such as painti

ngs, get togethers and playdates and that made her very happy.

Now, on another role as VP of Social Media and Administrative Advisor of the BPAFN and board member, she says that it has been amazing to see the growth of our organization in such a short amount of time.

Please help us honor and thank one of our favorite members, Zyn Zuniga!!! 💚💚

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Howdy from Texas! Cynthia V. Catchings here again to share information about our wonder woman of the day. This one goes to a self-starter, super motivated individual!

When asked who had recruited her to join BPAFN, she responded “I recruited myself 😂”. Her motivation and desire to engage in activities, even if having to do it all by herself, is contagious. Always on the go, this woman does not allow illness or other issues to get on her way! I had the opportunity to meet her years ago in Laredo, and let me tell you that she is up for any challenge that might come her way!

She is part of the BPAFN because she feels that the New Orleans Sector needs the connection to bridge the families in times of need. She wants to be part of that connection and be able to work with other amazing women in the area. Are you ready for the challenge, New Orleans future leaders?

With that being said, please help me welcome another amazing leader, Amy Skye Hall !!!😊

Thank you for motivating us, Amy!

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Hello BPAFN friends and family! Even amidst fierce flames, we stay strong and united, bringing a ray of light by presenting one of our most committed, perseverant, and funny BPAFN leaders and Wonder Woman of the day.

This person is responsible for bringing smiles and great funding to our organization. Her experience as a marketing person has contributed to our success as a nonprofit and her ability to be in two places at once has inspired many of us to be present in many different ways.

When asked why she joined the BPAFN, she responded “when you are surrounded by a group of women who share the same mission and vision, the sky is the limit. Being part of BPAFN has been one of the best experiences of our life.”

Originally from Laredo, she is now living in the RGV. Liza shared that , “being in a new city with no family; it has been amazing to be surrounded by so many families who too have relocated.”

She has been married to her husband Joey, a BPA out of RGC for 4 1/2 years and are the proud parents of Joeli Nicole and Liberty who was born on the 4th of July.

With that being said, please help me congratulate and honor our own BPAFN V.P. of Public Relations, Liza A. Lemos.

Liza, thank you for all you do and for being the one that brings the fun and the smiles to the table. It is a pleasure to work with you!!!

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Gooood Morning BPAFN Friends and Family! You are right, I am here to share the name of our next Wonder Woman! If we had to pick only one word to describe her, it would be INSPIRATION!

During the past months, she has shown how much a person can do to assist others, with and without help, and has made a difference in the life of those who need it. She has inspired many of us thanks to her integrity, resiliency, tenacity, and ability to assist.

Today’s honoree is part of the Laredo Sector. She is always willing to help out/donate anytime she can, and she will continue to do so. She looks forward to having other spouses from the Laredo sector join her efforts in making this organization great!

Please join me in thanking and congratulating Amanda Good for everything she has done. We are elated to have you as part of our team, Amanda!

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Hello!!! Cynthia V. Catchings, BPAFN VP of Membership, here again to unveil the name of our next Wonder Woman.

Today, we not only bring an amazon, but a ROYAL WARRIOR. During the past year, she has assisted BPAFN in every possible way. From the BPAFN golf tournament to the domestic violence shelter donation campaign… and she even finds time and energy to plan BPAFN get togethers and happy hour! Her smile and bright eyes illuminate every room she is in and her RESILIENCY is beyond admirable.

The BPAFN team is proud, thankful, and happy to present another STRONG leader, JULIAN STRONG, Jennifer Maldonado!!! 🏆

Jennifer was recruited by Nuri. She is motivated to volunteer because it makes her happy. Also, because she wants to give back to our Green Family for being there for Julian and her family. She shared that “our Green Family has such a special place in my heart and I wish that I could give way more than I have given so far. 💚

Jennifer, thank you for supporting us and for empowering all of us just by being part of our team! 💚💚

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Hello, BPAFN friends! My name is Cynthia. I am the BPAFN VP of membership. During the past few months, you have seen posts showing how tireless BPAFN members have worked together, as a team, and have made a difference in the life of those going through a difficult time. That wouldn’t have been possible without your support and the help of our amazing BPAFN leaders.

As we start our leadership recruitment campaign, we want to share with you who has been working and leading behind the curtains, from Washington to Florida and from California to Maine. For the next few days, we will be honoring and introducing our fierce leaders, who have been a true example to follow! Please help me welcome our first BPAFN WONDER WOMAN!!!

Today, we introduce Moe. Her husband is in Tucson Sector, Sonoita Station, and they live in Vail. Moe was recruited by Nuri after she heard her on the podcast promoting the Hurricane Harvey fundraising efforts.
Moe is a big believer in service. She volunteers for her children’s schools and sports associations. Moe is from a small town and grew up with the notion that “if you can do something, you should do it”, so that’s what motivates her to help. She does whatever she can…for somethings it’s minor, for other things its major (planning, facilitating, etc). She likes to do work in the background without really needing to be “in the spot light”. She is the happiest working with a team that is supportive and encourages growth and reaches goals.

Moe says she is “excited to be part of the BPAFN and look forward to growing with all of [us]”.


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